Home Help Addiction Intervention

Do you know what type of help you need?

As I walk into my daughter’s room during her study time recently, I thought I saw her copying her history lesson straight from the text book into her hand written response. I quietly asked her how she was and where she up to. I eventually got to see that she was following a ‘study model’ taught to her by one of her lecturers; “I read the text book and then I hand-write my own interpretation of what I have just read. I then study my own interpretation of what is being taught, and that’s how I remember it all”. I was dumbstruck, awestruck and fed-up all in one wave of revelation. I was reminded of going to Bible College. Because I had no academic qualifications at all I did not qualify for a Degree Course, so I suggested a 2-year Diploma Course. My examiners agreed that it was going to take me 2 years to learn how to learn, and many things started to make sense. No one had ever taught me how to study, so I did not learn or feel confident in what I was supposed to be learning. I dropped out of school just before my exams were due to start. I did eventually go on to earn a BA Applied Theology, but only just. Even my learned Bible College leaders forgot to sit me down and teach me how to physically and literally study.

My life of addiction crime and prison confused everyone around me, but no one more than me.  Somehow, from somewhere deep inside of me I always knew that every ounce of my potential was supressed and was slowly being destroyed by my intravenous heroin and amphetamine addiction. One of the problems was, because deep down inside of me I knew better, I convinced myself that it was only a matter of time before I ‘did better’, I was wrong. Until I fully understood where I was ‘spiritually and psychologically’, I remained lost at sea, going whichever way the turning tides of the drug culture demanded. I almost died in what I now know to be The Spiritual and Psychological Valley of Addiction.

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E-hab B4 Rehab is a layman’s Home Help Addiction Intervention Program for the lower-education & lower-income families stuck at home with dying addicts and alcoholics. If we do not get to know what the problem really looks like we can only abandon ourselves and our lives to the views, persuasions and fee structures (if we need treatment) of the ‘experts’. There is one major stumbling with that idea though; they can only point us towards what they believe to be the solution.

There are five primary avenues of counsel available to people today. Depending on their presuppositions about (a) who they are (b) where they came from and (c) what an addiction is.

These are the five treatment approaches:

  1. Freud
  2. Rogers
  3. Skinner
  4. Integrity Group
  5. Christian

Which one are you?

My role as pilot of E-hab B4 Rehab is to reach into the hearts and minds of under-privileged addicted men and women and illustrate in a language that they understand, exactly who they are and why they remain anchored to ‘no growth’.