E-hab B4 Rehab®

DIY Addiction Intervention

Private Sector Supervision in the comfort of your own Home

“E-hab B4 Rehab is a Game Changer”

E-hab B4 Rehab® explores and introduces you to many of the various theories and definitions of what an addiction is.
Our foundational belief is that addiction is an unhealthy, unpredictable, and self-seeking relationship, with the deceptive influences of an addictive substance, where the user receives false and temporary feelings of significance, connection, enlightenment, and relief.

Our Trademarked E-hab B4 Rehab programme invites individuals, families, Church groups, Prison groups, Probation Officers, Parole Officers and Corporate industry human resource departments to participate in, or provide others with the opportunity of joining an addiction treatment and recovery process.
E-hab B4 Rehab offers every participant; education and clinical awareness of the deadly conditions found in The Valley of Addiction.
“Change the way people think and nothing will ever be the same again” (Steve Biko 1977).

Ready To Make A Change?

Understanding Addiction

Part One

Part Two

Conflict After Treatment

Part One

Part Two


The convenience levels of E-hab B4 Rehab as a Home Help Addiction Intervention are beyond measure or comparison.

Family relationships within homes are being destroyed due to lack of awareness and understanding, feeding the problem it is actually worrying about.

E-hab is available in the sanctity of the home for broken families through to the successful business person, as a programme of awareness, education, empowerment and liberation.


The effectiveness of The Valley of Addiction E-hab B4 Rehab Treatment approach has proven itself since 2005.

Ex-addicts with decades of addiction experience and decades of treatment qualification now speak right into the very core of addictions darkness, in the home. Everyone wins.


The £25:00 annual subscription fee into this private sector standard of professional addiction treatment is without doubt beyond comparison. It’s probably a game changer within this industry.

E-hab offers proven clinical insights which unfailingly supplement and fertilize character growth for anyone wanting to mature away from chemical dependency.